Solar Street Light Manufacturers

AVI Industries is a well-known name in the industry of Solar Street Lights Manufacturers. We are a recognized Solar Street Lights Manufacturers which have been built using the best quality raw materials obtained from the best vendors in the market. We are the best solar street light manufacturers in India provides the good and high intensity solar lights in the market. Solar lite is an important product used for our customers in the night. Scary and dark night for night travellers is intimidated. Our product is giving its best service while travelling in the night because it is made with a high intensity of light which will be concentrated with long distance and great brightness. We are involved in the construction of solar lights which help in conserving solar energy and conserving electrical energy. Our product calls for the best use of both energy and therefore provides a great product on a sustainable ground.

Top Solar Street Light Manufacturers in India

Solar Street Lights Manufacturers can provide you with a wide range of solar systems, Solar Power Plant, LED Light, Solar Water Heater, Solar On Grid Power Plant, Solar Water Pump, Solar Street Light. We install street light for lighting purposes. Our street lighting systems require less maintenance and are long-lasting. We produce most of street lighting systems in a way to automatically sense outdoor light through a light source using ultra-modern technology.

Listed below are some different types of street lights that they specialize in manufacturing.

  • Solar Panel Street Lights.
  • Poll to Solar Street Lights.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Light fixtures.
  • Lead Solar Street Light.
Our solar street lights can provide light on successive nights even when the sun’s energy is not there for a couple of days. If you are looking for reliable Solar Street Lights Manufacturers in Ghaziabad, feel free to contact us. We manufacture a good quality product anywhere in India at the best and affordable price.

Features of Solar Street Light:

  • We manufacture our street light to work upon the solar energy.
  • These solar street lights are made to spread the light in a focus till long distances.
  • The street lights are made capable of working at varying voltages and watts.
  • We are manufacturing the street lights within the nominal range.
  • Model No. LEDs Power Lumen Unit Price (in Rs.)
    GGLSL 1206 (DC) 12 nos. 6W 480 1800
    GGLSL 1809 (DC) 18 nos. 9W 720 2000
    GGLSL 2412 (DC) 24 nos. 12W 960 3000
    Pole Dia : 40mm Beam Angle: 120° Dimension: 275mm x 110mm x 65mm Weight: 0.86 Kgs
    GGLSL 3618 (DC) 36 nos. 18W 1500 3500
    GGLSL 3620 (DC) 36 nos. 20W 1600 3600
    GGLSL 6030 (DC) 60 nos. 30W 2400 4000
    GGLSL 8040 (DC) 80 nos. 40W 3200 6000
    Pole Dia : 40mm Beam Angle: 120° Dimension: 295mm x 135mm x 70mm Weight: 1.3 Kgs
    Model No. Specifications Unit Price (in Rs.)
    GGSSL LED 6 6W Solar Streetlight, 20AH Battery, 40WP Panel, 5Mtrs. Pole 20445
    GGSSL LED 9 9W Solar Streetlight, 40AH Battery, 40WP Panel, 5Mtrs. Pole 22475
    GGSSL LED 12 12W Solar Streetlight, 40AH Battery, 75WP Panel, 5Mtrs. Pole 25665
    GGSSL LED 18 18W Solar Streetlight, 75AH Battery, 100WP Panel, 5Mtrs. Pole 34665
    GGSSL LED 20 20W Solar Streetlight, 10AH Battery, 125WP Panel, 5Mtrs. Pole 34665
    GGSSL LED 30 30W Solar Streetlight, 120AH Battery, 150WP Panel, 5Mtrs. Pole 52345
    GGSSL LED 40 40W Solar Streetlight, 150AH Battery, 150WP Panel, 5Mtrs. Pole 56695
    GGSHML LED 80 20W X 4 Solar High Mast Light, 100AH X 4 nos. Battery, 100WP Panel X 4 nos., 8 Mtrs. Pole 189660
    GGSHML LED 100 25W X 4 Solar High Mast Light, 125AH X 4 nos. Battery, 125WP Panel X 4 nos., 8 Mtrs. Pole 215180
    GGSHML LED 160 40W X 4 Solar High Mast Light, 150AH X 4 nos. Battery, 150WP Panel X 4 nos., 8 Mtrs. Pole 244180