LED Flood Light Manufacturers

AV Industries is the leading brand as LED Flood Light Manufacturers in the market. We LED Flood Light Manufacturers makes LED flood lights by using the supreme quality of raw material. This LED Flood light is a beamed high intensity artificial light which are often used to illuminate outdoor space like playing fields during any sport event being held at nights or in dim light conditions. We also manufacture the more focused lights which are used on stages for lightening during performance of any concert, play, etc.

These LED Floodlights starts with the range of 30 watts with fire retardant features. These are made with heat resistant toughened glass and surge protector. LED Flood Light Manufacturers serve the best LED Flood light price in India which makes it affordable for the customer to buy it. These Flood lights are manufactured as per the customer’s specified demands. These LED Lights are very beneficial for organizing any type of events as they are broad beamed which spreads the light in every direction. We LED Flood Light Manufacturers manufacturing the LED light as per customer requirement.

Features of LED Flood Light:-

  • These are broad beam lights.
  • These LED Lights have high intensity because of LED.
  • These Lights are made with heat resistant material.
  • We cater these LED Flood Lights at the best price in Indian market.

  • Flood Light Price in India

    Model No. LEDs Power Lumen Unit Price (in Rs.)
    CGIH 1825 18 nos. 25 W 7000 2840
    Dimensions 180mm x 140mm x 100mm Weight 0.72Kgs
    CGIH 3040 30 nos. 40 W 3200 4880
    Dimensions 220mm x 185mm x 120mm Weight 1.48Kgs
    CGIH 4860 48 nos. 60 W 4800 6000
    CGIH 5680 56 nos. 80 W 6400 8400
    Dimensions 285mm x 230mm x 130mm Weight 2.75Kgs
    CGIH 81100 81 nos. 100 W 8000 11000
    CGIH 108120 108 nos. 120 W 9600 14000
    Dimensions 425mm x 325mm x 190mm Weight 5Kgs
    CGIH 135150 135 nos. 150 W 12000 15000
    Dimensions 425mm x 325mm x 190mm Weight 7.5Kgs
    CGIH 135180 135 nos. 180 W 14400 16500
    Dimensions 520mm x 320mm x 180mm Weight 8Kgs