LED Bulb Manufacturers

AV Industries is the renowned name as LED Bulb Manufacturers in Delhi. LED Bulb Manufacturers in Delhi are manufacturing the LED Bulbs by using the best quality of diode which is emitting the brightest quality of light. We are the leading LED Bulb Manufacturers in Delhi which provides the cool day light white color pleasant temperature. These bulbs are round in shape and are easy to handle with care. We manufacture these LED Bulbs by using a technology of plastic-aluminium thermal management which offers a longer life with optimum and efficient performance.
We design these bulbs in such a way that it provides the Omni-directional lightening effect in the targeted space. LED Bulb Manufacturers in Delhi manufacture the electric light for using it in light fixture that produces light using light emitting diode. These LED is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. These LED Bulbs are cost effective and needs least maintenance. Contact LED Bulb Manufacturers in Delhi for your benefits

Features of LED Bulb :

  • These LED Bulbs produces cool day light.
  • We manufacture the bulbs using plastic-aluminium thermal management.
  • The light emitted through it is Omni-directional.
  • These are cost effective bulbs.
  • These are available in different watt power capacity.
  • These bulbs are made to offer the optimum performance.
  • LED Bulb Manufacturers in Delhi: Specifications

    Model No. Power Lumen Base Unit Price (in Rs.)
    GGRL CL (3W) 3W 360 E 14 400
    Replacement of 40W GLS Candle Lamp
    GGRL 3(s) 3W 250 B22d / E-27 160
    GGRL 5(s) 5W 420 B22d / E-27 180
    GGRL 7(s) 7W 600 B22d / E-27 200
    GGRL 9(s) 9W 760 B22d / E-27 220
    GGRL 12(s) 12W 1000 B22d / E-27 260
    GGRL MR 16 3W 5W 360 Voltage: 220VAC 400
    Replacement of 35W MR 16 Halogen
    GGRL MR 16 7W (COB) 7W 560 GU5.5 Voltage:220VAC 400
    Replacement of 50W MR 16 Halogen
    GGRL AR111 (15W) 15W 1200 G53 Voltage:220VAC 2100
    Replacement of PAR30 100W