LED Concealed Light Manufacturers

AV Industries is the reputed brand in the market which is well known in the category of LED Concealed Light Manufacturers. We are the best brand recognized in India for manufacturing LED Concealed Lights. We are known well to manufacture the versatile quality of concealed lights with the LED inputs so that the intensity of light becomes better and light can travel focused with great speed to the larger surface area.
LED Concealed Light Manufacturers are working with a team of trained and professional engineers and workers who are working effortlessly to make the lights with the great specification and features. These LED Concealed lights are made to serve on the voltage of 100V to 240V at alternative current. These lights travel at the luminous efficiency of approximately 78% (1m/w). These LED Concealed lights are working on the frequency of 60Hz/50Hz. We have made these concealed lights to function on the temperature of -20 to +40 degree centigrade. LED Concealed Light Manufacturers have made LED Concealed lights inbuilt with 7 multi-chips with 15W LED sources.

Model No. Power Lumen Unit Price (in Rs.) Coloured Standard Packing
3 3W 240 219 249 50
5 5W 400 349 379 50
7 7W 560 449 479 50