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Welcome to AV Industries

AV Industries is the renowned brand in India established in 2016, by launching the entire range of quality products of LED lighting and solar energy powered products. After the completion of two years of business, we have grown by the expansion in the range of products we are manufacturing like solar panels and lights. We work with an objective of energy conservation with the motive of contributing towards the substantial growth of the country by saving the electricity. Our expert team of trained and professional engineers works towards creating the kind of product which helps in the conservation of optimum energy. We work for rendering and maintaining the best quality service to our customer’s and fulfilling their requirement at a very nominal rate. We tend to make the experience - a better choice for our customer.
We manufacture several products amongst which Round LED Panel Light holds its special place. We are the leading Round LED Panel Light Manufacturers in the market. Our team of trained professionals aims at producing the best quality of product through their innovative and technological approach. These lights are designed with super slim construction style. We uses long life LED source which is having a surge protection with the warranty of at least 2 years. These are available with the power of 10 watts and the operating voltage of 160- 360 volts.