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AV Industries is the famous brand of Round LED Panel Light Manufacturers and Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer in India propelled the whole scope of value results of LED lighting and sunlight based vitality fueled items. After the fulfilment of three years of business, we have developed by the extension in the scope of items we are assembling like sun based boards and lights. We work with a target of vitality preservation with the thought process of contributing towards the considerable development of the nation by sparing the power. Our master group of prepared and expert specialists moves in the direction of making the short of item which ideas in the preservation of ideal vitality. We work for rendering and keeping up the best quality support of our client's and satisfying their prerequisite at an exceptionally outstanding rate. We will, in general, make the experience - a superior decision for our client.
AV Industries (Round LED Panel Light Manufacturers) make a few items among which Round LED Panel Light Manufacturers holds its uncommon spot. We are the main Round LED Panel Light Manufacturers and LED Panel Manufacturers in the market. Our group of prepared experts goes for delivering the best nature of item through their creative and innovative methodology. These lights are structured with excessively thin development style. Round LED Panel Light Manufacturers use a long life LED source which is having flood security with the guarantee of in any event 2 years. These are accessible with the intensity of 10 watts and the working voltage of 160-360 volts.